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45 - The Earth / 46 - The End - MWFic
Chapter 45 – The Earth
(There is a black screen with ‘one week later’ written over it)
Scene: outer space!
It appears at first as an insignificant dot, just another speckle of decoration on the landscape of the galaxy. As it grows nearer, it can be distinguished to be a lovely blue colour. It sparkles gently. Soon it is close enough, yet still small enough, that Dib thinks he could reach his hand out, grab it, and eat it like a jawbreaker – a blue, green and white jawbreaker, with a small moon orbiting it.
Everyone in the Cruiser is completely quiet. Zim is driving now, with GIR sleeping on the floor behind him, and the humans standing on either side of Zim with awed expressions.
It’s that feeling of coming home, after an endlessly long trip away. No matter how fun the trip was, and how boring it is to be back home, there is just something about it – the security, the predictability, whatever – that makes you feel very … snug.
Dib and Ga
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43 - The Friends / 44 - The Stars - MWFic
Chapter 43 – The Friends
Scene: coming up to Cureallia
The words ‘some time later’ spread across the screen briefly, over the image of Cureallia.
News does indeed spread quickly across the planets of the Irken Empire. Everyone has by now heard about the execution of an insane ex-invader who, as the story goes, accused the Tallest of being villains. How laughable! And such a fitting end for the poor fool who dared do such a thing.
For the planet Cureallia, however, it is life as usual. The familiar swarm of little ships travel to and from it, collecting remedies for diseases and the ingredients for remedies for diseases; sharing knowledge, thriving in profit, swindling tourists. Several screens orbit the planet, displaying the latest news should any ships care to stop and read them. The Voot Cruiser, which has made a day-and-a-half trip back to this place, whooshes past the screens on the approach to the planet, ignoring them. We can hear what our heroes are talking ab
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41 - The Mercy / 42 - The Death - MWFic
Chapter 41 – The Mercy
Scene: the dusty little docking bay
A1 carefully places the gun Zim had taken from him back on his belt, as Rebda forces herself to settle down and try to get her thoughts together. She is sitting with injured leg stuck out, leaning on her arms and staring at the floor. A1 fingers the money Dib gave him.
Finally, the sounds of churning gears are no more. The Cruiser is gone.
In the new, perfect silence, Rebda sits up and hunches her shoulders, moving herself so that she’s facing her ex-henchman. She gives him a very bitter death glare.

You betrayed me, and have done the whole Empire a potentially fatal disservice by allowing that ... DOOM-SINGING ... Zim, to escape. You’ll lose your life for what you’ve done.
Doom-singing? ... um, yes, doom-singing. Whatever. I can’t believe I was loyal to you for as long as I was. You don’t even call me by my real name, which I can’t even remember anymore! I can no longer
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39 - The Getaway / 40 - The Exit - MWFic
Chapter 39 – The Getaway
Scene: the execution hall
On the stage, a mob of Irken paparazzi appear and mill around, frantically indicating that they want the Tallest to pose for them. Amid swirling spotlights, the Tallest cheerfully strike heroic poses against a backdrop of their besotted fans/subjects. They’d never miss a chance to display themselves as the pillars of JUSTICE that they think they are. Not far behind them, Rebda finishes up a wicked laugh, and casually leans against the little machine within which lies the melted pak.
Mistress Rebda! Will you give us some–

Fodder? Yes, very well, I AM remarkably photogenic.
She flings her arms behind her head in what she perhaps considers sexy, then while all the flashbulbs go off, she has a thought. She grins evilly as she thinks, eyes darting around. The cameras lap it up.
REBDA (thinking)
As soon as this photo shoot is over, I should go see how Zimmy is doing. The ten minutes wouldn
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37 - The Dungeon / 38 - The Doom - MWFic
Chapter 37 – The Dungeon
A1 has been explaining the rescue plan to the humans. There is a fade to black. A few suspenseful beats later, the next scene fades in.
Scene: the same production room from before, with all the paks
The door at the end of the catwalk opens, and A1 marches in. In front of him, under careful watch, are Dib, Gaz and GIR.
GIR doesn’t really know what he’s doing here, and he’s starting to look bored. All the pretty paks hold his interest for half a second, then his mad mind begins to wander. His claws twitch. Something to play with, that’s what he needs...
They walk in a line towards a red-eyed, very thin Irken worker. He watches them approach silently, with a wary expression.
The group stops when they reach this worker. A1 looks around furtively to make sure no-one else is present. He then nods. The other Irken nods back.
Dib tries to see what the red-eyed guy does, but his hand movements are awfully fast. Like a cartoon character pull
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35 - The Fantasy / 36 - The Ally - MWFic
Chapter 35 – The Fantasy
Scene: still in the waiting room
When the doors close again, our little heroes are left all alone with some guard they've never seen before. He turns to face them and clears his throat, but Dib lifts a finger and gets in first.
Okay. Before you start abusing us for being different, let me just say that I will NOT be held here against my will, when I want to be out–
PRISON GUARD (interrupting)
Abuse you? Actually, I thought maybe you would like some food. Aren't you hungry after your ordeal?
Dib is taken aback, but when he thinks about it, he realises he's starving. Gaz nods in answer to the guard's question, then makes an attempt at a joke to  lighten the atmosphere.
Do you have any pizza?
What is this 'pizza'?
GAZ (to herself)
This is a strange and terrifying world.
Dib eyes off all the weapons and chains hanging on the prison guard, sizing up the situation, and realises that things look very bad indeed. The guard reaches into a pocke
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33 - The Catch / 34 - The Sentence - MWFic
Chapter 33 – The Catch
(There is a black screen with 'some time later' written over it)
Scene: a waiting room on the Massive
The room is bright red, a colour which is not helping to soothe Dib's nerves. It is small, with chunky 'funky' decorating. The idea is, while you sit there in the waiting room, you admire the great wealth and attractive taste of those who own it. Not that anyone in the room is thinking about such trivial things at the moment.
It is very quiet, all the alarms now silent. Two doors are set in the walls, each guarded by two beefy and well-armed officials. Apart from those doors, there are no other exits from the room. The comfortable setting is, in reality, a sort of prison.
In a puffy scarlet armchair that faces one of the doors slumps Dib, his expression desolate, eyes pink and swollen. Back-to-back with Dib in a second armchair is Zim, resting his head on one hand, looking just as drained.
There is one tall, narrow window in the room which offers a view to the ma
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31 - The Heroine / 32 - The Explosion - MWFic
Chapter 31 – The Heroine
Scene: exterior side-shot of the Massive
A panel in the side of the great ship opens and out streaks the Voot Cruiser. It is being steered by Gaz's expert piloting skills, her features set with cold determination. Sitting on the dashboard, still counting down, is the little bomb. The girl checks it.
GAZ (thinking)
Rrrrrrrr ... there's so little time left. Still ... all I have to do is get the bomb far enough away from the Massive so that when it explodes it won't destroy anything. I can manage that.
Annoyance twists her expression when she takes full notice of all the smaller ships whizzing around the Massive like flies. They will have to be saved as much as the Massive itself. Dodging around them, she urges the ship on faster. Black, empty, merciful space opens up in front.
Then the Cruiser stops. The engines die completely as there is a rough impact to the ship's rear.
GAZ (frustrated)
Aaaaahhhhh, what NOW?!
A hideous black craft shoots into view from b
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A touching moment by SilentKnight4 A touching moment :iconsilentknight4:SilentKnight4 21 16
29 - The Inevitable / 30 - The Chaos - MWFic
Chapter 29 – The Inevitable
Scene: a peachy-coloured corridor in the Massive
Gaz, ticking bomb in hand, is sprinting. Not something she does often, but it is very invigorating. She is breathing in a regular rhythm and is starting to feel really alive. Tingly thrills are chasing each other through her veins.
The little human girl charges through throngs of Irken civilians, who watch her in disbelief. She is perfectly aware of how alien she must look. Not one of the gawking Irkens tries to stop her, as most of them recoil in disgust from the creepy-looking alien.
A few of the more quick-witted guards had thought to give chase once Gaz burst from the power cell room. But the little purple-haired human girl is easily outrunning them. Light and nimble, it is simple keeping away from the armoured, heavy guards, who eventually give up when they lose sight of her.
She tightens her grip on the bomb and checks the counter.
GAZ (thinking)
Dammit. Where did we park?
The territory becomes les
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27 - The Illusion / 28 - The Confrontation - MWFic
Chapter 27 – The Illusion
The neon blue light is blinding, and Gaz feels her eyes start to water. She squints against it. Never before has she felt so helpless and frustrated. Behind her, somewhere under the energy wave, Dib starts yelling. His voice seems magnified by the power that fills the spherical room.
ZIM! You'd BLOW UP your OWN RACE?!
SO, I hate my race just as much as you hate yours! Come on, Zim, the humans are as hateful to me as the Irkens are to you! But that doesn't mean I'd destroy them, they're my own people! Doesn't that count for anything?!
No point in meditating on that now, Dib-thing, the bomb cannot be stopped.
Putting a hand to his chin, Zim seems to think something over.
ZIM (conceding)
You know ... I'm almost impressed you came this far. I really wasn't expecting this little setback, you surprise me, and that is a rare thing. Perhaps you were a worthy foe, Dibworm, in the end.
GAZ (sarcastic)
I suppose he should feel honoured.
ZIM (like it'
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The Dangers of Thinking by SilentKnight4 The Dangers of Thinking :iconsilentknight4:SilentKnight4 8 6 Twin Vice Paranormal Detectives Cast by SilentKnight4 Twin Vice Paranormal Detectives Cast :iconsilentknight4:SilentKnight4 12 4
25 - The Conversation / 26 - The Bomb - MWFic
Chapter 25 – The Conversation
Scene: inside a round room
Zim pops out from a short tunnel and into an enormous room.
It is like being on the inside of a huge sphere, made of dark grey and blue metal with a very gloomy and cold atmosphere.
Hanging from the great dome of the ceiling, smoothing down the walls, and cluttering the floor are power cables of all shapes, sizes and colours. They run out of the room through holes in the walls, and are humming with electricity. The air is alive, the sort of energy that makes every hair stand on end. The immense amount of power is unfathomable.
Zim stands on a ring-shaped grey platform that runs around the equator of the room. The platform then extends downward in a stairway, about six very broad steps, once again running rings all the way around the room.
These steps lead down to a wide, flat platform, which forms a sort of floor. At the centre of this is a gaping void. The hole is quite large, and through it can be seen the spaghetti of cables o
:iconsilentknight4:SilentKnight4 15 16
23 - The Arrival / 24 - The Search - MWFic
Chapter 23 – The Arrival
(There is a black screen with 'one hour later' written over it)
Scene: a T-junction intersection of hallways on the Massive
This passageway is roomy, well-lit, and a funky magenta colour. Irkens hurry back and forth along the corridors, heads down reading things, all fuss and bother.
Attached to one wall is a map, littered with Irken writing and complicated diagrams. When the hallway becomes temporarily empty of scurrying busybodies, Zim suddenly pops down from the ceiling, hanging upside-down on his spider legs. He runs a finger over the map.
ZIM (thinking)
Okay, I am HERE.
He jabs his finger at a large happy face symbol.
ZIM (thinking)
And I want to go ... HERE.
He jabs his finger again, this time at a large, bright blue, sparkly blob. A symbol of a skull is next to it. Zim traces the path from the blob back to the happy face, and growls in irritation.
ZIM (thinking)
This could take–

My Tallest, please listen to me!
Zim is back up into
:iconsilentknight4:SilentKnight4 15 10
The Great White Void - Upgrade Your Space by SilentKnight4 The Great White Void - Upgrade Your Space :iconsilentknight4:SilentKnight4 3 2


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